Closes risk,
opens new hope

AtriClamp system

AtriClamp is a cardiothoracic clip used for the LAAC procedure, which involves closing the left atrial appendage of the heart. Thanks to a novel approach to applying the clip, blood along with clots remains confined inside the appendage without the risk of pushing clots into the atrium during the procedure. The development efforts of the AtriClamp system are particularly based on user needs regarding device usability, making it crucial to focus on ergonomics and ease of use through the application of Human Factors Engineering principles. The AtriClamp system is equipped with a selection guide that allows for the selection of the appropriate clip size for each patient. The system is designed to optimize the costs of mass production.

Risk reduction

The left atrial appendage closure (LAAC) procedure prevents the formation of 90% of embolic material leading to 87% of strokes. Currently, this procedure is performed concurrently with other cardiothoracic surgeries. One of the main project goals is to enable widespread availability of the most affordable product on the market, and therefore, we have prioritized the economic aspect of clip production.

Why is it worth it?

The atraumatic surface of the clip limits the inflammatory response.

Possibility of
clip repositioning

Ability for quick
clip removal

The clip’s ergonomics ensure isolation of the appendage independently of its anatomy.

Clip applied epicardially

Patent protection

The AtriClamp system consists of a clip (device for closing the left atrial appendage) and a dedicated applicator used for applying the clip. Thanks to its innovative design, the system allows for clip repositioning during the procedure and enables its retrieval after prior removal from the applicator (implantation).

AtriClamp market

The Left Atrial Appendage Closure (LAAC) market is a dynamically developing sector with increasing value. According to data available at the end of 2022, the global value of the LAAC market was estimated at around 1.5 billion dollars, and forecasts indicate further growth at a rate of 12%. The increasing awareness of complications related to stroke caused by atrial fibrillation further drives the demand for these procedures. It is expected that technological advancements will contribute to improving the effectiveness of procedures, reducing recovery times, and minimizing the need for reoperations. Due to the increasing use of LAAC procedures and ongoing research on their effectiveness, this market also attracts investments, further supporting its development. In the long-term perspective, the global LAAC market is forecasted to maintain a strong growth pace, with innovative approaches to atrial fibrillation treatment remaining a key area of development in this industry.

Project progress

The project is in the phase of designing a new version of the clip and applicator. As part of the conceptual work on the project for the new version of the device, Medinice has conducted a series of activities related to the selection of new materials, changing the shape, and modifying the production technology of both the clip and the applicator.

The above project represents a product that has not yet been approved as a medical device for market distribution by the appropriate regulatory body. Competitive advantages and other descriptions of the above project are confirmed in studies required by the relevant regulations for medical devices.